Choosing Ghost over Wordpress and Grav

As I started to write few posts in recent days on my main blog, I kept asking do I need to make another blog which fully in English? And decided to say yes.

The second question approach, which platform should I use for writing the blog? Wordpress is big no, as I already tired with the system and bloated plugins. The only requirement for the blog should be able to write the post with Markdown syntax.

So I came up with Grav, a modern open source flat-file CMS, they claimed. Installed, and quite confusing since they only  have a content. Usually a blog should have 2 types of content, a Page and a Post. How do I separate them on Grav?

I have tried few themes with blog design, and decided to leave it. Grav, as they claimed, it is for a website. Not a blog site. You may create a theme for a blog, but the content does not support for a blog post.

The second option was Ghost. The idea of Ghost was came first, but since ghost using nodejs, while my server is running PHP, was quite worry for me. The installation is quite easy, and the installation wizard is helping a lot to start running the ghost.

That's all, welcome to the my english blog! Enjoy your stay!

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